What is BBNaija, History And Objective

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In this piece, we’ll aim to provide straightforward answers to a few common queries, such as what the show’s about, how long it lasts, where it takes place, its goals, and so forth. To properly accomplish this, we will explore a brief history of Big Brother Naija, the reality program with the highest viewership in Africa.

How long does the show BBNaija run for?

A Nigerian reality television program called Big Brother Naija (BBNaija or BBN) is broadcast from South Africa (Season 4 upward are hosted in Nigeria). It is only broadcast on DSTV, GOTV, and cable networks controlled by Multichoice. The program is typically reviewed in weeks and days and lasts about three (3) months.

Objective of BBNaija Program

The concept of “reality” serves as the framework for BBnaija. It’s a social experiment that tries to live and work alongside people from various origins, cultures, and experiences. The main driving force behind the program is unity in diversity.

Living “regular life” is permitted and encouraged for housemates. They can do whatever they want as long as it complies with the house regulations.
Meaning of BBNAIJA Housemates

The BBN show’s contestants are typically referred to as “housemates” for the duration of the run. They are often chosen from a group of applicants who express interest in taking part in the program. There have been around 50 housemates in total over the years. Housemates ought to be responsible, open-minded adults.

BBNaija 2022
BBNaija 2022 housemates


History of Big Brother Nigeria

Endemol owns the international brand “Big Brother.” It is televised in numerous nations throughout the world. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four served as the foundation for it. Written in 1949, the book. In the Netherlands, the program made its debut. In 2003, however, the franchise expanded to Africa. Before ending its broadcast, Big Brother Africa ran for 9 seasons. There was no stated justification.

Big Brother Africa’s Big Brother Nigeria is an exact replica. In Nigeria, it was initially introduced in 2006 under the name Big Brother Nigeria. 14 people lived together in this version. Francisca, Ify, and Sandy came in second, third, and fourth, respectively, as Katung Aduwak took home the $100,000 grand prize.

Over ten years after the premiere of the first season, BBNaija Season 2 (See Gobe) debuted on television. It was a resounding success. This edition saw a record number of votes. Efe Ejaba defeated the other fourteen roommates and two impostor HMs to win the much sought-after 25 Million Naira Prize and a brand-new SUV. The runners-up were Bishola and T-boss.

Launched in January 2018 was the Third Edition (Double Wahala). 20 housemates were present. Miracle defeated Cee-C, Tobi, Alex, and Nina to claim the show’s ultimate crown after 85 days of competition. As more than 170 million votes were cast across all platforms, history was made. The most recent details about the aforementioned housemates will be provided to you.

The earlier iterations were considered to be incredibly successful, which accounts for the enormous following across the continent. However, in addition to the cheers, there have also been some critiques, particularly in light of the numerous indecent acts that have been filmed.

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