U.S Launches $45 Billion “Internet For All”

May 18th, 2022

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The US Commerce Secretary Gina M. Raimondo will travel to Durham, North Carolina, to announce the launch of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Internet for All initiative, which will invest $45 billion to provide affordable, reliable, high-speed internet to all Americans by the end of the decade.

The initiative will be managed and implemented by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the United States Department of Commerce (NTIA).

“You simply cannot participate in the economy in the twenty-first century if you do not have access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet,” Secretary Raimondo said. “As a result of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, Americans across the country will no longer be hampered by a lack of high-speed internet access.” We will ensure that every American has access to technologies that enable

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The programs will construct internet infrastructure, teach digital skills, and provide necessary technology to ensure that everyone in America, including communities of color, rural communities, and older Americans, has the access and skills needed to fully participate in today’s society.

“The resources in President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Act will enable us to bring broadband infrastructure to every corner of our country, make service affordable for everyone, and ensure users have the devices and digital skills they require,” said Don Graves, Deputy Secretary of Commerce. “However, we need a whole-of-government and whole-of-nation approach to succeed – everyone who has a stake in our connected future should get involved now.”

“Generations before us built interstate highways and brought electricity to rural America,” Alan Davidson, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information, said. “The task of our generation is to connect all Americans online.” Today, NTIA is launching major new programs to promote Internet access and adoption, ensuring that everyone in America has a chance to thrive in the modern economy.”

To be eligible for the BEAD Program, states and other eligible entities must submit a letter of intent and a budget for planning funds, which will unlock $5 million in planning funds and allow states to begin developing their five-year action plan. Dedicated NTIA staff will provide direct support to each state throughout the process. Each participating state is guaranteed a minimum $100 million allocation, with additional funding determined based on the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming coverage maps.

The Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Program will provide grants to eligible entities on a technology-neutral, competitive basis for the construction, improvement, or acquisition of middle-mile infrastructure. The State Digital Equity Planning Grant Program, which was launched today, is the first step in a series of Digital Equity Act steps that will invest $1.5 billion to increase adoption and use, such as digital literacy training, for those who need it the most, including communities of color, rural communities, and older Americans.

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