LET’S TALK!! This Is 2021, Why Are You Still Single?

Happy new year guys!

Let’s give thanks to God for keeping us till this moment.

Many of us added relationship in our new year resolution and remain single all through.

What could be wrong?

Let’s share ideas, you meet to see a breakthrough in the comment section.

Why Are You Still Single?

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  1. Cause I just wanna make soke money
    Because if. You’re in any relationship and money no dey your hand
    Omo dey bae no be only you dating her ooooo
    Nah my baby or our baby anyhow shaa
    Happy new year once again!!!

  2. The girl I want is not in love with my money, but i just want to work hard, promote my career, make some cool cash and be financially stable enough to be in any relationship…… till then, I prefer being single 😏

  3. Just wanna make some money before jumping into any Relationship, you get, and I wan chillax, make I no carry the wrong girl 😂😂

  4. I’m single bcus most guys think girls want their money, so I just want to hustle hard and make my own money.
    Become a celebrity and date a celebrity.
    Isn’t that cool?

  5. There’s no more real love I think
    All those girls were after money
    So i need to get the money first before going to relationship

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