Securing A Man With Juju Doesn’t Work – Jane Mena To Ladies

Instagram twerker Jane Mena has advised ladies wasting their time and money on securing a juju to use on a man to think differently because it doesn’t work as they think.

Jane Mena reacting to a video of someone using juju on a man decided to share her piece about it telling ladies doing that or thinking of doing that not to waste their time and money on that because it doesn’t work in any way.

According to her, using juju on a man doesn’t work but this generation the moment they see a man has money, the next thing that comes to mind is to find an Instagram Babalawo to lock the man wasting their money on something that doesn’t work.

She then educated them saying looking for love is just like trying for pregnancy as it comes when you least expected, hence instead of wasting your money on juju to lock a man, use it for a giveaway and increase your followers on social media.

Jane Mena then added that to prove she’s right or wrong, these ladies planning to use juju on men should ask anyone that has tried it before or look at how their lives end after it all as they still desperately single and meeting the wrong men because they have sold their lives to the devil.

screenshot below;

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