Regina Daniels Reveals How Her Husband Booked A Private Jet For Her Instead Of Using A Commercial Flight To Avoid Stress

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has shared how her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko treated her to luxury and comfort whilst embarking on a trio.

Regina Daniels who shared photos from her trip while onboard the plane revealed that her husband always wants her to live a stress-free life so even after she had bought commercial flight tickets, Ned Nwoko insisted that she flies in his private jet.

Fun fact: I actually booked my ticket to delta because I am going for some jobs, but my husband as always keeps me stress-free and insisted I go on a jet even if he’s is outta town. The funniest part is he watched me book my tickets, for myself and staff until I came to tell him i was leaving and he said “just go straight to the private wing the plane is waiting for you”

Meanwhile, blogger cutie juls has alleged that Ned Nwoko has gotten married to another fair-skinned lady while she’s busily touring around the world with her son.

According to her, Ned Nwoko has already paid the bride price of his new wife but the mother of Regina Daniels has pleaded with him not to make it public for the sake of her daughter’s mental health especially now that she’s planning to get pregnant again.

She claims Ned Nwoko was spotted at a political rally with his new wife and other public places but is only keeping it off social media because Regina Daniel’s mother pleaded with him over the mental health of her daughter.

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