Nirmala Mishra dead, Nirmala Mishra Demise: music star passed away – cause of death

July 30th, 2022

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Nirmala Mishra is an Indian singer who is best known for her song performances in the 1960s and 70s. She is highly respected and admired by music enthusiasts in both Bengali and Odia films. Nirmala has received the Sangeet Sudhakar Balakrushna Das Award, which is a prestigious honor for her lifetime dedication to music in the Odia language.


Born in Majilpur, India, Bhabani Devi named her daughter Panidi Mohinimohana Mishra on the day of Durga Saptami. The family of Bhabani and her father Pandit Mohinimohan Mishra moved to Chetla, Kolkata for their job. There was a good musical environment in her family. Both her father and elder brother Murarimohan Mishra were well-known singers. Her family name was Bandopadhyay (also Banarjee). Her family was later awarded the title of ‘Mishra’. Her father was also bestowed with the titles of ‘Pandit’, ‘Sangitratna’, and ‘Sangitnayak’ by the ‘Kashi Sangit Samaj.’

In 1960, Balakrushna Das music director gave her a chance to sing a song in the Odia movie Shri Lokanath. She sang a number of hit movies thereafter, including Stree, Kaa, Malajanha, Abhinetree, Anutap, Kie Kaahaara, Amadaa Baata, and Adina Megha.

Nida bhara raati madhu jhara janha is one of the most admired songs in Odia history. The song is from the 1975 movie Anutapa, composed by J. Adeni. Other well-known songs sung by Aarohi include Mo mana beena ra taare… from Manika Jodi (1964), Jochhana luchana… from Adina Megha (1970), Jeebana jamuna re juara uthe re… from Amada Baata (1967), mana pabana nauka.. Jaa Jaa re bhasi jaa, and Chilika Teere in 1970. These songs were composed by Balakrushna Dash, Akshay Mohanty, Shantanu Mahapatra, and Balakrsuhna Dash.

Nirmala Mishra is also famous for singing the female version of the iconic chhapi chhapi baasanti raati composed by the renowned music directors Laxmikant-Pyarelal in the movie Bhagya in 1967. The male version of this song was immortalized by the legendary Odia singer Akshay Mohanty. Nirmala sang many duets with some of the leading male singers of her time, including Pranab Patnaik, Tansen Singh, Sikandar Alam, etc. Some of her famous duets include ‘Aa mayabini mana jochhana’ from ‘Ghara Bahuda’ (1973), ‘Sei nilapari deshe..’ from ‘Suryamukhi’ (1963), ‘tike ruhana, rahi ja na..’ from ‘Abhinetri’ with Md. Sikandar Alam, and many more.

Apart from her modern songs, Eammon Ekta Jhinuk, Abese mukh rekhe piyal dale, Bolo to arshi, Kagojer phul bole, Mone Koro mone mone, Eai banglar mati tea, Ami to tomar, Ogo tomar akash duti choke and Unmona mon swapne are some of her Film songs. She has also sung many other songs apart from the aforementioned songs.

Nirmala Mishra has also sung along with many other singers and artists like Manna Dey, Pratima Bandopadhay, Manabendra Mukhopadhay, Sandhya Mukhopadhay, and Shipra Basu. She has sung many different kinds of music, including folk songs, patriotic songs, Nazrul Geeti, Rabindra Sangeet, Shymala Gupto, Mahalaya by Uttum Kumar & Shymol Gupto in 1976, and the great melodious Geetinattyas by Sreeradhar Manbhanjan and Rami Chandidas.

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