Nigerian Lady In Shock After 7000 Dildos Got Sold Out In Just 3 Days (Video)

A Nigerian lady was thrown into a state of shock after she found out that a shop which has about 7000 dildos of different kinds run out of dildos in just three days.

According to the lady, a number of 7000 dildos got completely sold out in just three days as she expresses her dismay in how such a huge number of items could sell out in just three days.

In a trending video making rounds on social media, the lady narrated that she went to the shop on a Friday to see the shop restocked with about 7000 different kinds and sizes of dildos but she returned to the same shop on the following Monday only to find out the shop has run out of stock.

The lady enquired the people who bought all those dildos and for which purpose.

Dildo is mostly used by ladies to satisfy themselves sexually. In most cases, this tool is mostly used by single ladies who have not found a man to warm their beds yet but it will shock you to know that even married women and women in relationships also make use of this tool to satisfy their sexual desires.

Watch the video below:

In other news, videos circulating on social media captures a group of concerned Ghanaians reportedly embarking on a demonstration against the approval of the e-levy taxation.

Ghanaians has already expressed their frustration in the newest digital taxation system dubbed E-levy slamming the government over the new intervention.

The e-levy which was proposed to the parliament in the 2022 “Agyenkwa” budget aims at collecting taxes from Ghanaians through mobile money avenues which would be used to embark on developmental projects in the country.

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