My Wife Killed Her Friend Who Offended Her— Couple Arrested With Human Parts Confess

In a fresh development to the trending story of the couple who were caught with human parts, the duo has now confessed how they killed their victim who happens to be the wife’s friend.

The man, Kehinde Oladimeji in his statement said that his wife singlehandedly killed her friend, who had paid them a visit. According to him, his wife butchered her friend and dismembered her body parts, after which they both sold the deceased’s head to someone in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital for N70,000.

“There was a day my wife invited her friend, a lady, to our house for a visit. The first time she came was on a Tuesday, she came that particular day and went back home. But the second day she came, it was a Thursday.

That day, my wife cooked noodles and eggs for the lady, which she ate. Later, the lady went into the bathroom to shower But when it was getting dark that day, I inquired from my wife when her friend would go home, but my wife said she was weak and would need to lie down to regain her strength. I sat in the backyard, but when I returned to the room, I realized my wife had killed her friend and dismembered her body.

When I asked her why she did it, she told me that the lady had offended her a long time ago. The person who bought the h#ad came from Ibadan. His name is Oluomo,” the husband revealed.

He added that his wife had overheard him on the phone when a friend from Ibadan called him to request a human head. “My wife heard the discussion and asked me how much the man would pay for the human head. I told him he was ready to pay N70,000.

I never knew my wife had made up her mind. As you can see, I’m not a strong person. When the incident happened, I had wanted to k!ll myself, ” the husband said. However, Adenunoke denied killing the victim, saying “I know nothing about it; stop framing me up.”

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