Moment Oyinbo Kid Refuses To Release Woman’s Hand While Being Fed With Eba And Okro

A video showing a white child eating Nigerian food, Eba and Okro to be specific has got many talking.

It appears the kid was eating Eba and Okro for the first time whilst spending some time with his aunt as the kid refused to release of the hand of her caretaker who was feeding him.

See comments below;

@Oga Mastar said, “If he chop this one for 1 month, he nor dey go fit chop those their tasteless food again.”

@Nick Chidex: “I will give him more than okoro,yam with red oil.”

@Rendd: “Better food, e go make you forget say you be white.”

Watch the video below;

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In other news, a 3-year-old girl in a Kindergarten school was reportedly brutalized by her teacher over an undisclosed reason.

A Twitter user identified as Jack Fleet revealed that he came across a lady who was crying profusely on the street and when he asked her why she was crying, she showed him the bruises on her daughter’s back as a result of the severe beatings the teacher gave her daughter who fainted at a point.

According to him, trauma was written all over the child’s face and she needs help urgently.

When a concerned man urged the parents to report the incident to the nearest police station and link them up for any other assistance they may need, Jack Fleet revealed that he called the embittered mother and suggested to them to make a report to the police but her husband does not want to go to Police because he wants to avoid trouble.

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