LET’S TALK!! Your Dad Gave You 100 Million To Make Sure Your Junior Brother Who’s A Musician Blow Before December – Which Of These Artiste Will You Meet?

May 26th, 2022

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2022 has been an incredible year, especially in the music industry, because so much is happening for both up-and-coming artistes and established performers.

Shows, events, music festivals, debuts, and important collaborations are all on the list. In 2022, a slew of new artists have emerged in the Nigerian music industry, backed by plenty of successful songs.

Some of these up-and-coming artistes and others, have incredible songs, a lot of airplay, high chart positions, and compelling music performances at events.

Currently there are a lots of upcoming musician struggle hard just to hit the limelight in Nigeria but same time, there is this common challenges that has keep preventing most of them from hitting wide on the right source.

As a musician or musical artist, your ambition is to become well-known and well-liked. Have you considered what is preventing you from reaching the masses? It may not always be physical money, but in the majority of circumstances, it is.

Lack Of Fund:- Inadequate funds can prevent you from becoming noticed as a musician in Nigeria; this is because the industry has grown more wild than before. In comparison to the time or years of 2005 to now, we now have distinct sorts of persons involved in the game.

Marketers are the main people selling you out in Nigeria’s entertainment industry today; those people go to great lengths to attract the public’s attention solely for your benefit, and what usually motivates them is your cool payment to them; without it, you’ll be playing a lose actor movie in the game due to a lack of funds.

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