LAUTECH SUG Distributes Uniforms to Tricycle Riders

LAUTECH SUG Distributes Uniforms to Tricycle Riders


Today, January 16, 2022, the LAUTECH Students’ Union took another bold step aimed at Transport System Reformation within the University environment.


Some weeks ago, the Students’ Union under the leadership of President Adeboye Anuoluwa distributed registered SUG Uniforms to the Okada Riders within the university environment with a warning that any Okada Riders without the registered SUG Uniforms must not be seen working around the school environment as from Monday, 17th January 2022 and anyone caught will be strictly sanctioned.


To complement the reformation, the Students’ Union also distributed SUG Uniforms to the Tricycle Riders on campus.


The distribution of the Uniforms took place today on campus and the Uniform is effective as from tomorrow Monday 17th January 2022 with a warning that any Tricycle Riders found on campus without putting on the Uniform will be strictly sanctioned.

The LAUTECH Tricycle Association while responding assured the Students’ Union that all its members will comply with the laydown directives to ensure the smooth running of activities of transportation within the University environment.


We hereby use this medium to inform all student populace not to convey themselves with either Okada or Tricycle Rider without the registered SUG Uniform within the University environment.


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