LAUTECH SUG Distributes Uniforms to the Olokadas (2022)

We are all aware of the unfortunate incident that occurred last semester between the student populace and the Olokadas, the incident that led to the quit notice issued to the Olokadas around the school environment.

As a result of the incident and the quit notice, the Students’ Union made transportation arrangements for students in the meantime and also ensured that no student face difficulty with transportation as a result of the quit notice on Okadas.

The part of the effort put in place was to open the Adenike Gate for the Tricyclist which had been closed for a very long time for easy access of students residing in Adenike to campus.

Today, 4th January 2022, the Students’ Union under the leadership of President Adeboye Anuoluwa held a meeting with the LAUTECH Okada Association on reformations and their new mode of operation.

In the meeting, the Students’ Union President distributed SUG Uniforms with Registration No written on them, Registration Forms, and reeled out their new mode of operation.

Hence, all Olokadas working around LAUTECH are hereby mandated to wear SUG Uniform. As such, starting from 17th January 2022, any okada without SUG Uniform that is seen or caught working around the school premises will be sanctioned and punished.

In addition, students should also be security conscious and avoid Olokadas without wearing SUG Uniforms.

In conclusion, we apologize for the inconvenience caused so far regarding the Olokada issue, and on this note, we are assuring that the REFORMED LAUTECH OKADA ASSOCIATION will be law-abiding and adhere strictly to the new mode of operation.

ADEBOYE Anuoluwa
Pc: Anuoluwa
Students’ Union President

Pc: Young General
Students’ Union PRO

4th January 2022.

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