Kacha Badam girl leaked twitter video onlyf, One dance move on ‘Kacha Badam’

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Social media users love and even immerse themselves in “Kacha Badam” music. Thousands of characters have been made with this music. Meanwhile, Anjali Arora’s film about “Kacha Badam” is touring with millions of views on Instagram.

The popular rolling line of Kacha Badam – “Badam badam dada kacha badam, amar kache naiko bubu bhaja badam” is the latest dance trend on social media today, especially on Instagram.

One dance move on ‘Kacha Badam’ makes Delhi’s Anjali Arora viral

Several celebrities and media influencers are spinning reels around this latest kacha badam trend.

The origin story of the song is fascinating. Bhuvan Badyakar, a citizen of the Birbhum district of the East Indian state of West Bengal, wrote the song to attract customers while selling peanuts in the Birbhum district community.

The kacha badam trend was recently profiled by social media influencer Anjali Arora. This helped her gain new followers, reaching 10.2 million within days. She has over 1.5 million likes, 32,700 comments, and 19.3 million views on the reels, and counting.

Anjali Arora has over 9.3 million Tiktok followers, 10.2 million Instagram followers, 5 million Moj followers and 160,000 Youtube subscribers on social media. Even her Instagram account was verified. She is often spotted with well-known actresses, singers and social media influencers. She regularly posts pictures of them on Instagram, which are viewed by millions.

After successfully reaching 10.2 million followers, she also celebrated her success by wearing a gorgeous red dress, cutting a two-tiered white cake and sharing it on her Instagram handle in the form of a scroll.

Apart from her Kacha Badam dance reels, her other dance reels and song videos like “Teri Baaton”, “Oh Humnasheen”, “Ucha Lamba Kad” and many more latest hit reels have reached millions of views.

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