‘It’s Not A Language Of Heaven’ – Mummy GO Reveals The Meaning Of Speaking In Tongues (VIDEO)

Controversial preacher, Fumilayo a.k.a Mummy GO has made some serious explanation of the speaking of tongues.

Mummy GO who has gone viral recently with her hell-threatening sermons is back again yet with another deep revelation about the speaking of tongues.

Just as many know that the speaking of tongues is a medium people use to communicate to their God and believe it to be the language of heaven, Mummy Go has her own explanation.

According to Mummy Go, speaking in tongues is not a language of heaven however it’s just a normal language. She stated that speaking in tongues can simply be defined as a Yoruba man speaking Igbo.

She said in the video which has gone viral;

Excuse me, Speaking in tongues is language. Let me tell you. It’s not a language of heaven. Speaking in tongues is Yoruba man speaking Igbo LIVE!


Watch video below;

See how netizens reacted;

mide_esther wrote; Does she know any bible verse. E be like say I never hear am quote bible verses before

tobyy_vic wrote; I never thought I would agree with mummy until today

newlordchubby wrote; Why doesn’t she back it all with scriptures

kelvin_umeh wrote; Arrest her immediately I’m done with her scary tales

toname_jerome wrote: She has a point this time. Finally. But it’s deeper than that. 😂😂😂

pirate_of_peace wrote; She’s on the same page with una Bible. Why are you guys laughing at her??

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