Greekgodx banned, greekgodx is ban twitch, Whats happened?

July 30th, 2022

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Greekgodx has been banned on Twitch following a clip of him mocking an Asian family on stream.


GreekGodX Mythic Drama: GreekGodX has recently gained notoriety on the internet after making some very strange remarks on social media. In one such example, the streamer recently shared his thoughts on women on OnlyFans, saying that objectification is acceptable to women as long as it is on OnlyFans. This elicited a reaction from Myth, who expressed his opposition to the claim. Follow InsideSport.IN for more streaming and entertainment updates.

Myth’s statement drew a response from GreekGodX, who said he believed Myth “fell” after his Fortnite days. Following the recent Twitch ban, GreekGodX began sharing its controversial views on women on Twitter. The latest in a series of sexist tweets from the streamer is about women obsessed with OnlyFans.

GreekGodX explains that as long as women get paid, they can be objectified. Of course, this drew a response from many, including popular TSM streamer Myth.

Myth responded sarcastically to the statement, saying it was shocking that women would agree to financial compensation when they were able to control the type of content they posted online.

OMG Greece! ! ! So you’re telling me that some women can be “objectified” and seen in a sexual context when they can benefit from it and have direct control over how they like to spend money instead of being used by men? Gosh, you are such a genius.

He went on to say that it’s unfair for men to generalize the entire female population based on women on OnlyFans, and that it’s odd that men choose to speak out against women in sexual situations only when women actually benefit.

I don’t like these current rowdy people who spit out false generalizations as facts and make it look like they’re trying new things. We understand your unease that women are making money now instead of you objectifying them and leaving them inactive. large

Regardless of your stance or opinion on my beliefs, I hope we all take a moment to look at what we consume and who we believe in. Do they promote the idea of ​​bringing people together and sparking understanding, or the idea of ​​isolating others and ignoring perspectives?

Myth’s response echoed the thoughts of many other fans who also felt it was unfair to judge women on OnlyFans because they make money by being in a sexual environment that they can control.

While fans agreed with Shinhwa about the situation, GreekGodX didn’t hesitate to hit back at the former Fortnite streamer. The controversial anchor explained that Myth “disappeared” after his Fortnite days, claiming that the only thing that kept him relevant was the “very bad xQc impression” he gave.

I’m sorry you’re back in Fortnite. The only thing that keeps you relevant is the very bad impression you give xqc. You give my beta male energy. Boy, you should never say my name now.

Whether Myth will react to this announcement remains to be seen. However, fans could see even greater drama unfold if he decides to join the conversation.

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