Governor Obaseki’s Aide Criticizes Sammie Okposo Over His Valentine’s Day Message To His Wife

Governor Obaseki’s aide Igunbor Sarah has criticized Sammie Okposo over his valentine’s and 12yrs wedding anniversary message to his wife asking we fear men.

Sammie Okposo shared a photo with his wife hailing her for being his pillar and the queen of his life claiming every day with her is like a valentine and that phrase alone made governor Obaseike’s aide criticize him.

According to the governor’s aide, if truly every day with his wife is a valentine for Sammie Okposo, then what happened to the day he impregnated another woman because she seems not to understand how his love vanished just a day with another woman.

She then advised that we should fear men because if someone who believes or thinks every single day with his wife is like a valentine is able to impregnate another woman, then those who don’t might even do worse.

The issue of Sammie Okposo impregnating another woman came up moments after he apologized publicly to his wife for cheating on her with another woman when he went on a tour in the US and since then has been dragged and criticized for that.

screenshot below;

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