FREAKY-FREAKY: I Won’t Stop Using Women In My Comedy –Mr. Macaroni

May 23rd, 2022

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Comedy skit maker Mr. Macaroni has dismissed all advice that he should stop projecting women the way he does in his funny videos after he faced backlashes on social media for misrepresenting nurses as sex objects.

The funnyman disclosed that his skits are subjected to constructive criticisms, but they won’t make him stop using women in his skits.


Mr. Macaroni noted that he has other humor sequences aside from the ‘freaky-freaky’ series that is women-based. He added that he will not stop portraying real-life situations in his comic series.

In a Twitter thread, he tweeted, “To Whom it May Concern: Mr Macaroni won’t stop using women in his content. Thank you for your understanding. You are doing well.”

“Also, Mr Macaroni will not stop portraying real-life situations in his content. All of Mr Macaroni’s contents are also open to constructive criticism. We won’t always agree on everything. But we can always do better. Gracias ❤️”

“Let me use this opportunity to address those always pushing the narrative that most of my content is with women. The first thing you should know is; that won’t stop!! I play other characters. Why be say na only the one with woman you dey watch??”

“Serial Philanderer series; In-law series; Professor HardLife series; Politician series; Debo series, and Social issues series.”

“They are all different series and contents that portray our reality. So don’t think for a second that I will stop featuring freaky because of you.”


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