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January 19th, 2022

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Nam Young is a professional inspector from Saheonbu who has left his hometown for the sake of his family honor, and he controls illegal liquor manufacturers. Young is good looking young man who keeps his straight posture like bamboo, and he is a true blue man who values integrity and honesty the most in his life. Meanwhile, Ro Seo is a daughter of a poor noble family, and therefore she has no choice but to make liquor illegally to pay off her family debt. Unlike her classy appearance, she would do anything she could to make money. These two young people from completely different backgrounds happen to live under the same roof, and their chaotic housemate life begins.

Moonshine // When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon // Kkot Pimyeon Dal Saenggakhago

Genre: Drama, History, Romance

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Stars: Yoo Seung-ho, Hyeri Lee, Woo-Seok Byeon


Premiere: Dec 20, 2021 (South Korea)


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