Clay Shrout dead and obituary? Walter and Becky Shrout Murders

July 28th, 2022

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In May 1994, the people of Boone County, Kentucky, were devastated to discover that Walter and Becky Shrout, along with their two young daughters, had been murdered in their home. However, the surprise was doubled when the suspected murderer was found very close to the dead family. Investigation Discovery’s show Shattered: A Very Bad Day discusses this heartbreaking case and how Walter and Betty perished that morning. What exactly happened that unfortunate day?


The Shrout family lived a happy, wealthy life in their two-storey house in Florence, Kentucky. They had three children: Clay, Lauren, and Kristen. Both Walter and Becky were university sweethearts who met when they were studying at Georgetown College. They got married and had their first child when they were about twenty-four years old. The couple was churchgoing and disappeared on the 23rd of May, 2014, during a Lauren’s concert at her school.

On May 26, 1994, the police in Union (where Ryle High School is located) received an unexpected call. They found the bodies of Walter, Becky, Lauren, Kristen, and 17-year-old Clay lying dead on or near their beds at the Shrout house. They had all been shot to death. The couple was 43 and 44 years old, respectively, while their daughter was 14 and their son was 12.

Who murdered Walter and Becky Shrout?

On May 26, 1994, Clay Shrout walked into his trigonometry class at school with Danielle Butsch, who he had taken to prom a few weeks earlier. He told his teacher that there was a student in the class carrying a gun, pulling out a .380 caliber pistol and showing it to the 22 students in the class. Though the gun was small, everyone in the classroom was scared of it, and then Clay surprisingly said that he had killed his family with the same pistol around 5 AM that morning.

Student napped a message to the assistant principal, Stephen Sorrell, who alerted the police and walked down to the classroom holding 23 hostages at gunpoint. 17-year-old Clay held the class hostage, while Stephen convinced him to trade places with the other students. The teenager handed his gun to Assistant Principal Stephen, and was arrested by the police when they arrived at the scene. It was found that Clay’s family had been killed by him at home, according to what he had told the police.

Clay murdered his parents and sisters only a few days after he was caught using drugs, according to his classmates and teachers. They said that the teenager had been suffering from depression for a long time and even made pipe bombs at home. According to them, Clay was unhappy because his girl friend had rejected him a year ago and started using drugs. Not only that, Clay had brought a stun gun to school last week but was confiscated by the teachers.

On May 24, 1994, Clay Alexander murdered his parents after an argument with his father. His sisters woke up when they heard the gunshot coming from their parents bedroom. Following that incident, both Becky and Walter severely reprimanded their son and forbade him from driving his pickup truck. The school also assigned Clay 50 hours of community service. Clay had previously called his friend Richard Brown and told him that he had killed his family. Apparently, the teenager grew tired of being blamed all the time and feeling depressed, prompting him to kill his family.

Following the murder of Lauren and Kristen, Clay shot at Walter as he was crawling out of the bedroom, fearing that if Lauren called the police, they would have been in trouble. He then contacted his friend Richard and went to school, where he was apprehended by the police. While in custody, Clay said that he murdered Lauren because she would have had a terrible life without their parents. Clay possessed a stun gun, sword, knives, nunchucks, and a BB gun but did not use any of these harmful items.


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