Buju’s Essence and the makings of a successful year

February 19th, 2022

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It’s a sunny morning and there are birds chirping outside, if they want to remind me that I did not go to church they’re on their own because even though physically present, I have somehow travelled into Buju’s World. With headphones blocking out the real world, I enjoy how wavy I am feeling as Ladipoe goes through with the rap verse and I yearn for Buju’s infectious voice, to push good vibes to my ears.

My morning is grand and while it may seem like I am on a flex, it is a sadder story than it is. But I took out time to reflect today and while I listened to the music, a Buju Playlist came on. And I caught on something; 2021 has been Buju’s year.

Yes, someone won a grammy. Another someone got into the Billboard Hot 100. I mean no disrespect to Wizkid and Burna Boy, but if we looked away from the scorecard and we placed focus to the singles, Buju has bodied 2021… so far.

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If you told me in 2019, that he person who went Viral and got a Zlatan feature, then released an EP titled ‘To your Ears’ in October of that year, I would have highly doubted it.

If you told me in January 2021 that someone called Daniel Benson would eat up the year, I for tell you say you dey dream.

I listened to Ohema, Lenu and the Lenu Remix, I listened to most of the songs and just thought “This is one talented guy, but the fans would never catch on”. How wrong I was.

When I listened to ‘Mind Games’ off EjoyaClass of 20, I started seeing the hints. This was Truly ‘Beauty Unearthed Just Understood’, this guy exists in a class of his own. This voice was the exceptionality for which I have love for Oxlade. There’s just no other artiste that could sound like either of them.

Perhaps for most people, Buju’s 2021 started on Ladipoe’s Feeling. For some others, it started on his very own Outside, but we are all testimony to the fact that in this year, Buju has not had a bad song.

Some of us are impressed by the idea of the features Buju would be doing soon, one of those is with Wizkid. Another is with M.I.

Buju moves beyond the idea of a hook craftsman and shows you that he’s not made for the tiny roles. He is made for great things.


And Buju knows. He knew before any of us. Because you’d have to believe in your work before trying to get the rest of us in the mix.

And some may call him arrogant for a random stint from twitter that everybody has forgotten about, but it’s important that we see Buju for the beauty that he projects in the music.

If we have learnt anything from this year, it should be that Buju is HERE. Not here to be some random guy on the hooks that is featured every once in a while, but he’s here to own it. He’s not here to just be the chubby kid on the block. He is here to stand for his own acronym “Beauty Unearthed, Justifiably Understood”.

We cannot wait to see what else he gives to us.

But for now, enjoy his Testimony.

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